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Asbjørn Lilletun

CEO | Norinnova
Tel. 915 56 539

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Wenche Poppe

Ass. Director | Norinnova

Wenche studied computer science at UiO and has a master's degree in system development. She worked in entrepreneurial companies for 6 years before she started working in the innovation environment around UNN and UiT in 1997. She has since worked in various roles in management, commercialization and innovation projects. Has for 20 years worked with innovation projects in the health sector through the Innomed program, especially with IT and service development
Tel. 916 29 250

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Magne Lund

Accounting Manager | Norinnova

Magne is a trained accountant from Bodø University College. He is an authorized accountant, and has expertise in accounting, tax and VAT. Magne has worked in Norinnova since 2004, and has many years of experience from auditing firms and has performed accounting for many different companies.
Tel. 482 15 266

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Therese Lein

Marketing Manager | Norinnova

Therese holds an Executive Master of Management from BI Norwegian Business School and a Bachelor in International Marketing and Management from the Norwegian School of Marketing. She has many years of experience from private business and entrepreneurship. At Norinnova she works with branding, project management, communication and marketing. Communication, strategy and reputation are key words for what Therese is committed to.
Tel. 975 49 242

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Morten Lindrupsen

Business Developer | Norinnova

Morten holds a degree in Business Administration from BI and Bodø Business School with specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Morten has worked in the private sector as an investment advisor, corporate advisor in SpareBank1 Oslo, Group Business Controller and Finance Analyst in Cermaq ASA in Oslo. He has also worked as an analyst in the Norwegian Seafood Council. Morten has experience with stock exchange reporting, ongoing reporting to boards and group management and forecasting work. In Norinnova Morten works as Business Controller and with projects related to the investment activity in the company
Tel. 996 08 359

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Eirik Lundblad

Head of Department | Tech Transfer

eirik @ norinnova .no
Tel. 976 87 571

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Ann Kristin Nilssen

Business Developer | Startup IX

Ann Kristin holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Master's degree in Marine Business Management from the Norwegian School of Fishery Science/UiT. She has extensive experience from the financial sector and the IT industry, where she has worked with both the private and public sector. Focus areas have been fisheries and aquaculture, welfare technology and digitalization. Ann Kristin is passionate about sustainable innovation and northern Norwegian business.
Tel. 992 45 111

Photo: Marius Fiskum

Hedda Crogh

Idéjeger | Norinnova

Hedda has a master's degree in management, innovation and marketing from UiT. She has previously worked with marketing, social media, and project coordination of conferences and festivals. In Norinnova she is the project manager for our initiative on young entrepreneurs, which includes Student IX and Arctic Ignite.
Tel. 936 82 878

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Eirik Bjørklund

Head of Department | Startup IX

Eirik holds a master's degree from NTNU in Industrial Economics and Technology Management. After his studies, he worked for 4 years developing a technology startup in the UK, where he was co-founder. He was part of the core team, which developed a new product from the idea stage, through development and launch, to growth and scaling. He also has experience in fundraising, user analysis, product development, supplier relations and business modeling.
Tel. 976 29 662

Photo: Marius Fiskum

Elisabeth Andreassen

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

Elisabeth holds an M.Sc in Molecular Biotechnology, and is currently pursuing an MBA in Strategy and Management. She has several years of experience in the private sector, including as Product Manager in ArcticZymes AS. Elisabeth has experience with business strategy, project management and capital raising (private and public), In her portfolio, Elisabeth has mainly projects within health, pharmaceuticals and aquaculture.
Tel. 905 97 783

Thomas Seppola, Norinnova Photo: Marius Fiskum

Magnus Seppola

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

magnus @ norinnova .no
Tel. 951 12 385

Photo: Marius Fiskum

Lars Sørensen

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

Lars has extensive experience with finance, production and supply chains in startups. He has an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship and has besides his studies worked four years as a research assistant in research on Norwegian research-based startups.
Tel. 942 45 511

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Morten Elde

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

Morten holds a PhD in Genetic Engineering from the University of Tromsø. He has over 15 years of experience from the biotechnology industry both as a researcher, development manager and business developer. Morten has broad technological and marketing experience within enzyme technology, diagnostics and life-science. At Norinnova he mainly works with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and enzyme projects.
Tel. 414 06 762

Photo: Marius Fiskum

Ellen Dybdahl

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

Ellen holds a Master's degree in Management, Innovation and Marketing. She has experience from media agency, consulting industry and has formal training in project management. At Norinnova she works with commercialization of new research results, event management, communication and marketing.
Tel. 974 79 260

Photo: Marius Fiskum

Bronwyn Smithies

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

Bronwyn has a background in several research areas, including medical research, chemistry and a PhD in plant biotechnology. She also has industry experience and is skilled in grant writing and administration. Bronwyn's portfolio at Norinnova includes life sciences, chemistry, pharma and optics and she is always open to discussing new ideas and technologies.
Tel. 412 47 420

Photo: Marius Fiskum

Ingrid Skjæveland

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

Ingrid has studied Biotechnology and holds a PhD in Immunology. She has several years of experience from the private sector in early phase commercialization of medical devices and Market Surveillance under ISO 13485. At Norinnova , Ingrid has worked both in the incubator advising start-ups and in TTO where the project portfolio includes med. tech, aquaculture and medical software.
Tel. 991 57 143

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Trine Lise Andersen

Performance Developer | Norinnova

Trine Lise has a degree in education and has worked for over 20 years as a teacher. She has many years of experience as a national team coach for the Norwegian Football Association, as well as having professional responsibility for talent development, leadership and coach development in Olympiatoppen. Trine Lise was also responsible for building up Olympiatoppen North Norway. She holds a master's degree in sports psychology and performance coaching, as well as a PhD in organization and management. Trine Lise is passionate about communicating the importance of performance focus, team building and leadership of high performance environments.
Tel. 901 55 691

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Unn Sørum

Administrative Manager | Tromsø Research Foundation

Unn has studied biotechnology and has a PhD in fish immunology from UiT The Arctic University of Norway, and has worked at Norinnova since 2006. She has 30 years of experience as head of the Fish Health Lab at the Aquaculture Station in Tromsø, researcher at Nofima, head of the MABIT program and business developer at Norinnova. Since 2017, Unn has been the administrative manager of the Tromsø Research Foundation.
Tel. 916 33 850

Back Victoria

Victoria Paulsen

General Manager | MABIT - Wikipedia

victoria @ norinnova .no
Tel. 907 94 606

Line SH

Line Kjelstrup

Cluster Leader | Biotech North

Line is a fisheries graduate from the Norwegian College of Fisheries/UiT. She has extensive experience in the marine and seafood industries, both in ministries, export companies and marketing. For 6 years she was responsible for the Norwegian Seafood Council's office in Sweden. In Norinnova she is cluster leader for Biotech North, but also contributes to our growth programs. Project management, strategy, branding and circular economy are some keywords that particularly engage Line.
Tel. 995 05 974