Quality assurance and writing of applications

We help you with funding applications that promote innovation

Navigating complex application processes can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our experienced business developers are ready to assist you with application writing, whether it is public funding schemes, project applications or other. Norinnova is proud to deliver a success rate of over 80% for granting applications.

Did you know that …

  • All companies
    registered in the Brønnøysund Register, regardless of industry, can apply for a
    reimbursement of 19%
    of costs related to R&D projects reimbursed through SkatteFUNN?
  • Innovation Project in Business (IPN) can provide
    up to 70% support of projects
    within: Ocean, Energy, transportation and low emissions, Petroleum, Industry and service industries, Enabling technologies and Land-based food, environment and bio-resources.

Norinnova has over 30 years of experience in securing public funding for R&D projects.

Do you need a project manager for an R&D or innovation project?

Examples of funding sources we have experience of writing applications to:



Get to the finish line with the good application!

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