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Change is inevitable, and companies that fail to adapt risk being left behind. Innovation allows you to be proactive and can ensure a sustainable future for your business. By embracing new technologies, business models and processes, you can ensure your business remains relevant and competitive.

Norinnova - Your partner for innovation and growth

Change is essential to meet competition, maintain position and secure new growth. Norinnova is a leading innovation company that offers tailored advisory services for companies that want to realize their full potential and drive disruptive change in their industries. With our experience and expertise, we have the necessary tools to help you realize your ambitions.

We help you with

We work closely with you to develop a robust business model and strategy for growth. Our focus is to identify market opportunities, establish partnerships and create value for your business through sustainable growth and development.

We offer extensive support to help you write applications and secure funding from public and private instruments. Our expertise in application writing and strong networks of investors and funding bodies help increase your chances of success.

In close collaboration, we create commercialization processes that bring your research results and technological solutions to the market. We guide you through the entire commercialization process, from idea to market introduction, so that your technology achieves its potential.

We offer tailored innovation advice. Our expertise and experience in innovation spans different industries and areas, and we are dedicated to supporting our customers throughout the innovation process.

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