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For entrepreneurs who want to start a business, there are a number of options and support schemes available. Our programs are designed to help entrepreneurs succeed no matter how far you’ve come.

Startup IX – the incubator for those who want to invest in their idea

Startup IX is a startup incubator designed to support early-stage startups and give them the best possible start, which is why we call Startup IX our golden ticket to entrepreneurs!

Do you have a great business idea, invention or start-up? Then you can take advantage of the Startup IX team that will help you make your dream a reality. In Startup IX, we give entrepreneurs and startups access to resources and valuable networks that can be crucial tools on the road to a big breakthrough. This includes networking opportunities, discounted office space and advice, as well as an innovative community where people play well with each other.

Admission: Continuous as long as we have space

Student IX – our free offer for students with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship

As a student in Northern Norway, you are eligible for our free student incubator, Student IX. The incubator is for those who want to start their own business, have a good business idea or would like to be part of a startup. We are a gathering place for all students in Northern Norway, regardless of which university or college you belong to. The program is designed to support students through access to advisors, networks and other resources that can help students develop their business ideas and start their own business.

Through Student IX, we have helped a number of students receive NOK 1 million to start a company through Innovation Norway’s Stud-ENT scheme.

Admission: continuous as long as we have space

Arctic Ignite – Funding program for entrepreneurs in Northern Norway under the age of 35

Today, it can be difficult to raise capital for young entrepreneurs in Northern Norway who want to start their own business. At Norinnova, we want to do something about this. Every year, we select 10 lucky startups to participate in Arctic Ignite. As a participant, you will receive a start-up capital of NOK 130,000 to develop your business idea.

In total, you can walk away with over NOK 800,000 for further investment through the program!

Why are we doing this? We want to help more businesses to be established by young, promising and committed entrepreneurs in Northern Norway. The program is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Admission: Annual

Scaleup IX – the accelerator for ambitious startups with a desire for international growth

Scaleup IX is a program designed to prepare companies for scaling up and growing in new markets.

Scaleup IX is a collection-based growth program that targets ambitious early-stage startups in Northern Norway. The aim is to increase the companies’ ability to grow and take them to a new level both nationally and internationally.

Participants in Scaleup IX often answer yes to these 4 questions:

  • Need help to achieve your international market ambitions
  • Have you secured your first investor andneed additional capital?
  • Do you want to get to know experts in fundraising, company development and international growth?
  • Do you want personal follow-up from Olympiatoppen and Norinnova’s business developers?

Admission: Annual

FutureSea Accelerator – for growth companies with ocean-based innovations

FutureSea Accelerator is a collection-based program for growth companies and spin-outs from established businesses with the aim of promoting new innovative ocean-based ideas. Through a collection-based program, we help companies grow into the market. FutureSea provides a unique opportunity to gain access to relevant resources and key people, which can give the company extra momentum.

The program welcomes innovative companies with growth potential and global ambitions that operate in ocean-related sectors such as automation, IoT, sensor technology and high-value products from marine raw materials.

Admission: Annual

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