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The world needs new business opportunities from the sea. Are you an ocean hero we can help?

What is the FutureSea Accelerator?

FutureSea is a gathering-based program for growth companies and spin-outs from established businesses where the purpose is to promote new innovative sea-based ideas.

Through a collection-based programme, we will help the companies grow in the market. FutureSea will give them a unique opportunity to gain access to relevant resources and key people and give them extra momentum.

We are looking for innovative companies with growth potential and with global ambitions that operate within the ocean-related sectors such as; automation, IoT, sensors and high-value products from marine raw materials.

This year's participants

Meet the FutureSea expert panel

About the program

We strongly believe in networking meetings, sharing experience and practical guidance. We bring in funding partners, industry partners, academic partners and key people for mentoring, networking, feedback, lectures and workshops.

  • We will select a total of 6 start-up companies and new innovative business ideas in established business, all of which have ambitions and potential for growth. They will have the sea as a common denominator and come from different parts of the country
  • FutureSea is a collection-based program with 6 physical collections over 1 year. The collections will be in Tromsø, Oslo and a collection abroad
  • In addition to thematic gatherings with exciting presenters and experts, between the gatherings you get follow-up from advisers, mentors and personal coaching. We will not only help strengthen your business idea, but also make your team stronger and ready for growth. Here we make use of our national and international contact network and adapt the guidance to the company's needs

We are looking for

  • Companies where the sea creates new business opportunities
  • Innovative companies with growth potential and global ambitions
  • Primarily marine-related companies within the sectors of automation, IoT, sensors, high-value products from marine raw materials
  • The companies should ideally have launched their product, or have plans to launch during 2023
  • Dedicated team of minimum 2 people who are receptive to being challenged


  • Start-up companies admitted to the program must have funding for at least 12 months of operation
  • The companies' plans must contribute to fulfilling one or more of the UN's sustainability goals
  • The companies must be registered in Norway
  • The companies must qualify for the program through an application and selection process

Read this before applying:

Application deadline

  • The deadline to apply for this program was 26.02.2023


  • The company must be capitalized to operate for a minimum of one year and be registered in Norway
  • Applications are registered in CrowdWorks. Upload your pitch, including your team, sustainability goals and a slide on your motivation to participate in the program

Participation fee

  • NOK 20,000 per company, this does not include travel and accommodation.

Physical lunch-to-lunch gatherings

2023 / 2024

Ready, Set, Grow
Session 1 | June 19-20, 2023
Group 27
A sustainable plan for the future
Session 2 | August 29 - 30, 2023
Group 27
Capital in various forms
Session 3 | October 10 - 11, 2023
Group 22
Rigged for growth
Session 4 | November 21 - 22, 2023 Tromsø
Group 22
Group 19
Market and internationalisation
Session 5 | Week 3 January 2024
Group 19
Ready for take off
Session 6 | March 12 - 13, 2024
Do you want more information about the program?


Line Kjelstrup
Program Manager, Norinnova line.kjelstrup@ norinnova .no

Martine Guttormsen
Senior Business Developer, DNB

Participation fee
NOK 20,000 per company.
The companies cover their own travel and accommodation at the gatherings.

Enrollment requires registration.

FutureSea is provided by:

norinnova logo. Icon.

Norinnova is one of Northern Norway's most competent and experienced competence environments within the commercialization of research. We connect researchers, start-up environments, companies and commercial actors to develop and utilize the innovation power in the region. By developing new and innovative workplaces, we contribute to creating the business world of the future.

DNB logo

For more than 100 years, DNB has been the bank for the maritime industries. We are proud of our industrial expertise, and are advisers to companies internationally and along the entire coastline of Norway. We at DNB will help contribute to the sustainable development of the entire marine industry, so that future generations can also make a good living from the sea. We will invest in and lend money to companies that are future-oriented and that represent a sustainable perspective.

With support from:

The platform that connects ideas and capital

The platform used for registering applications is provided by CrowdWorks, who are responsible for handling data in the solution.

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