Korona situation: Information to our customers and partners

Corona situation:

Norway has introduced very strict measures to stop the coronamite (Covid-19). Nothing is more important than the health of our employees, customers and society at large. Therefore, Norinnova taken a number of measures to limit the infection of the coronavirus. At the same time, it is important to us that we maintain good contact with our customers and partners so that we can continue with the work we do together.

 1. Corona measures

A home office has been introduced for all in Norinnova who can perform their tasks from home. With good digital solutions, employees have the opportunity to do the vast majority of tasks from home, but we need to be prepared for some deliveries to be delayed. All service trips are tentatively cancelled.

2. Buildings closed

Siva Innovation Centre Tromsø is closed to all visitors, and only employees and visitors with agreements with employees at the building will have access to the premises.

3. We maintain customer contact

It is important for Norinnova to maintain good contact with our customers and partners. We therefore conduct scheduled meetings using digital interaction solutions as far as possible. If you have any questions related to ongoing collaboration, please contact your contact person in Norinnova or by post@norinnova.no

4. Contact with Norinnova

As before, it is easy to get in touch with Norinnova . If you have any questions related to our technology transfer office, please contact Eirik W. Lundblad on tel: +47 976 87 571 or e-mail: eirik@norinnova.no. For questions related to start-ups, please contact Eirik Bjørklund on tel: +47 976 29 662 or e-mail: bjorklund@norinnova.no. If you would like to have direct contact with employees you will find information here: https://norinnova.no/ansatte/

Useful information

 Best greetings from all of us in Norinnova