Vacant offices at Norinnova!

Do you want to be part of an innovative office community?

We have expanded our capacity at Norinnova and now have a few vacancies in our community. With us you will find a number of companies in various industries such as health, software, AI, optics as well as investors and patent attorneys.

Prices for renting an office:

  • Office 2 persons: 7200 kr/month
  • Office 3 persons: 11 000 kr/month
  • Office 4 persons: 15 700 kr/month

Startups in our incubator, Startup IX, get up to 50% discount on office rent.

As a tenant at Norinnova you also get a number of benefits included in the price:

Key card and 24/7 lounge access

Faccess to our common areas where you can work, drink coffee or have lunch with like-minded people. Use of the kitchen, coffee, tea and sparkling water is included. Access does not include space in open-plan offices.

Telephone booths and meeting rooms up to 4 people

Conduct meetings and phone calls without interruption.

Fitness room, changing room and sauna

Open 24/7 with a key card.

Invitation to events and gatherings

Both socially and professionally as part of the offer of SIVA and under the auspices of Norinnova.

Bicycle and car parking

Indoors and outdoors.

Access to networks and service provider agreements

A wide range of companies, private and public actors.

25% discount on counselling hours

Use the innovation experts at Norinnova as a sparring partner and advisor in your projects.