Superior gas monitoring and measurement

Industry challenges

Traditional gas sensing with absorption spectroscopy uses large multi-pass cells containing a sample gas, through which a light beam is reflected several times. These are bulky and require large volumes of the sample gas. Therefore, current technology is not compatible with use in small spaces or remote applications, such as drone-assisted environmental monitoring, mining or aerospace applications.

Additionally, traditional devices cannot be used if only a small amount of sample is available or when small volumes are required for safety reasons (e.g., monitoring toxic substances).

Our solution

We are developing a MAST waveguide sensor for chip-based spectroscopic trace gas sensing. The waveguide is incorporated into a gas sensor chip, forming an on-chip sensing system that enables a drastic reduction on the size, weight of the instrument, and the necessary sample volume compared with current state-of-the-art gas sensors.

It is also the first on-chip sensor that differentiate between isotopes in a sample. As a commercial unit, it will have considerably lower cost and energy consumption than bulk-optics competitors.

The MAST waveguide is incorporated into a gas sensor chip, forming an on-chip sensing system.
The MAST waveguide gas sensor combines the sensitivity and performance of bulk optics with the size advantage of chip-based designs.

Collaboration opportunities

We are currently exploring potential applications and seeking partners for development and licensing.


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Contact information

Foto: Marius Fiskum

Bronwyn Smithies

Business Developer | Tech Transfer
Tel. 412 47 420

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