New signing to the innovation team – Inventas

The product development company Inventas becomes a collaboration partner for Norinnova with the aim of accelerating the growth of start-up companies!

Inventas is one of the country’s leading service providers in product development. Inventas has over 25 years of experience in the field and a team of over 160 engineers and designers. Norinnova is confident that Inventas can contribute to the development of a number of innovation projects, across industries and professional fields.

In addition to our common goal of creating more successful technology-based companies, both parties hope that the collaboration can result in Inventas establishing a permanent office in Tromsø. In the meantime, Inventas will work on a project basis from Norinnova’s premises in Forskningsparken Tromsø.

“We believe that Inventas, as specialists in product development and design, can play an important role when the next successful companies from the north are to be created. It will be good for both local business and the local innovation environment if Inventas establishes itself in Tromsø.” – Asbjørn Lilletun, Managing Director of Norinnova

The partnership brings together complementary expertise and gives both parties more strings to play on when technology is to go from early-phase development, to product design, prototyping, production and launch on the market.

“We see a lot of exciting initiatives coming from Northern Norway in general, and the environment around Norinnova in particular. For Inventas, everything is about helping others succeed with their innovation. This is an approach we share with Norinnova, and we look forward to working together about lifting Northern Norwegian technology-driven products and services to success.” – Kjetil Thorvik Brun, head of strategy and business development at Inventas

Inventas and Norinnova are already working on the collaboration. Recently, 10 selected companies in Arctic Ignite met Inventas as part of an expert panel at their first gathering. In terms of experience, we know that committed experts with the right skills are one of the recipes for success in Arcitc Ignite – that’s why it’s a pleasure to welcome Inventas to the team!

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