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We have secured close cooperation with several industry leaders, both in terms of quality, knowledge and desire to create more innovation and development.

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Stay relevant - keep an eye on young tech companies

Through over 30 years at the crossroads between public and private, established and newly started businesses, Norinnova is your bridge builder for innovation. We help our partners stay relevant by connecting them to new technologies, growth and investment opportunities.



DNB has a central role in our work on innovations from the sea, through the FutureSea Accelerator and through the arena for investors and startups, Arctic Investment Day. DNB has become an important partner for us regionally and nationally, where we complement each other’s expertise and build on each other’s ambitions. We have several projects underway and are looking forward to working on new ventures.

Tromsø Kommune

Tromsø Municipality has supported projects and ventures from Norinnova over many years. New from 2024 is that Tromsø Municipality has entered into an official partnership and is now financing an Entrepreneur Hub at Norinnova. The hub will be used by entrepreneurs, employees at Tromsø Municipality and innovation-promoting companies who want to work more closely with Norinnova’s innovation environment.


Inventas is one of the country’s leading service providers in product development. In 2024, Inventas became a collaboration partner with Norinnova with the aim of accelerating the success of start-ups. The partnership brings together complementary expertise when technology is to go from early-stage development to product design, prototyping, production and launch on the market. Inventas has a physical presence at Norinnova on a monthly basis.

Olympiatoppen North

Unique in Norinnova’s approach to developing future winners is the focus on the entrepreneur as a 24-hour human being. Central to the way we work with entrepreneurs is Olympiatoppen, which with its performance developers and mentors helps entrepreneurs in our programs with personal development. The results and feedback in this way of developing individuals have been absolutely enormous and we are very proud to have a partner like Olympiatoppen on the team.


SIVA is central to operations and development by Norinnova. Siva is both on the ownership side of the company, financier of the incubator and owner of our premises in Forskningsparken Tromsø. Norinnova has been assigned the role of host for the Tromsø Research Park by SIVA and we are therefore working closely together to develop an exciting and attractive innovation environment for the players based here.


Acapo came in as a new partner in 2024 with the desire to offer professional support to startups and projects on the protection of intangible assets (IP). As part of the collaboration, Acapo will hold IP-related lectures and participate in an expert panel for our investment in young entrepreneurs.


Over several years, Dehns has been an important source of IP expertise for Norinnova. Dehns has contributed to good patents and preliminary research for our startups and project portfolio. As part of our collaboration, Dehns offers a drop-in IP clinic for companies in our incubator, so that they have access to expert help at no extra cost.

UiT - The Arctic University of Norway

Norinnova is proud to be a technology transfer office and innovation partner for UiT. Together, we have developed world-class innovations and spin-outs from UiT research, as well as motivated students to dare to bet on their ideas.


In 2024, the law firm Selmer became a collaboration partner for Norinnova. In addition to his professional contribution to our program for startups, Selmer has shown genuine initiative and a desire to make even more Northern Norwegian startups succeed. We look forward to developing the collaboration and creating synergies.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Through its support for the implementation of 3 years of Arctic Ignite, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contributed to giving young entrepreneurs in Northern Norway a real chance to succeed with their idea. The first years of Arctic Ignite have been a great success and an important tool for startups in the region.

The community promise

Through its scheme Samfunnsløftet, Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge has contributed with financing a number of innovation-promoting schemes. In recent years, Samfunnsløftet has enabled an increased focus on Student Innovation across universities in Northern Norway and implementation of Scaleup IX – the training program for ambitious startups in Northern Norway. We are proud to collaborate with SNN to create Northern Norway’s new business life.

UNN - University Hospital of Northern Norway

Norinnova is an innovation partner and technology transfer office for UNN and therefore manages new innovations and inventions from employees at UNN. We are experiencing a good development in innovations coming from the research environment and we look forward to continuing the collaboration towards new health innovations.

The Research Council

As a technology transfer office, Norinnova is connected to the research environments at UiT and UNN. The collaboration with the Research Council is an important part of turning research results into products and services that are used in society and plays a decisive role in the success of several of our projects.

innovation Norway

Through its support schemes, Innovation Norway has contributed to a number of projects, programmes, events and the start-up of new businesses. It is important for us to work closely with Innovation Norway and we are very satisfied with the good contact we have built over several years of cooperation.

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