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How we work with you as a researcher

The entire process is free of charge.

Idea presentation
Do you have research results or a good idea that can help make a difference? Then we want to hear from you. You can either start by writing down your idea (by email or DOFI form), or you can contact us directly for an informal chat.
Idea assessment
After you have presented your idea, we start an evaluation process. Here we look at uniqueness, needs, market potential, competitive situation and commercial potential. If your idea meets these requirements, it moves on to the project phase.
The project phase
In this phase, we create a project plan and take the necessary steps to bring your idea to market. This may involve working with rights (patenting/trademarking), R&D activities, seeking funding, creating prototypes, identifying partners and developing a commercial strategy.
Commercialization phase
In this phase, your product or service is ready for launch in the market. This can be done either by licensing to existing businesses or by starting a new company that will be responsible for further production, marketing and sales.

Tech Transfer team

Eirik W. Lundblad

Head of department

Elisabeth Andreassen

Business developer

Lars Sørensen

Business developer

Magnus Seppola

Business developer

Ingrid Skjæveland

Business developer

Bronwyn Smithies

Business developer

Technology Transfer Project Portfolio


Motivating continous Sharing of Physical activity using non-Intrusive Data Extraction methods Retro- …

Thyroid Assist

– A novel decision support aid tool (DST) for optimal levothyroxine dosage …

About the technology New and advanced label-free and super resolution microscopes and …


– Bringing nanofluidic technology to the people About the technology The Nanospacer …

A tool that predicts ice amount and distribution on marine structures About …

CYMOPLIVE – Cyto-Motility and Cyto-Plasticity in Vitro Live-Cell Assay About the technology …

About the technology SMOLTR is a smolt-verification tool to be utilized in …

– Based on the Aliivibrio wodanis chassis (PsyXpress) The challenge The main …

Instant volume microscopy The SOLIS Microscope A new type of fluorescence microscope …

Your research results can be turned into products and services of great benefit to society.

Do you have research results or a good idea that can help make a difference?

Complete the standard registration form for new ideas (DOFI) and send it by email to UiT and/or UNN. Norinnova AS has commercialization responsibility for UiT and UNN, and must be copied. Use the following addresses:

UNN employees:
UiT employees:

If there is more than one inventor, you must also complete an Inventors Contribution Agreement. Download the form here.

Contact us if you have any questions!

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For over 25 years, Norinnova has worked closely with researchers and leading research environments in Northern Norway to harness the power of innovation in the North. The result has been important contributions to the establishment of completely new companies, as well as strengthening existing companies through new products and services.

We are therefore proud to be one of Northern Norway’s most experienced competence environments in the commercialization of research.

We are here for you as a researcher, so you can realize your ideas and create further value from your research results. We secure your rights, help you obtain financing, investigate market potential, find relevant partners and help you bring your product or service to market.

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