Is your business ready to move on?

 Now you can participate in the Scaleup IX growth program.

Scaleup IX is a growth program developed and adapted by Norinnova , targeting ambitious Northern Norwegian startups who want to take their company to a new level.

The program is designed to provide you with learning, networking and investor access.

Scaleup IX is a growth program dedicated to early-stage growth businesses. The aim is to give promising Northern Norwegian companies increased their ability to grow. This is done by providing access to investors, expertise, business development tools and networks relevant to grow nationally and internationally.

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Program start
October 2021
Application deadline: July 10, 2021


Norinnova AS
Siva Innovation Centre Tromsø

Tore Normann
E-mail: tore @ norinnova .no

Who can apply?
• Companies looking for private capital
• Companies with ambitions to reach the international market
• Companies that have developed prototype and/or started sales
• Companies with dedicated teams of more than two people
• The company's strategy helps to meet one or more of the UN's sustainability goals

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Norinnova have for 30 years worked closely with the innovation communities in Northern Norway to develop products and services that have made it noted internationally. Norinnova one of Northern Norway's most competent and experienced competence environments in the commercialisation of research. We connect researchers, start-ups, companies and commercial actors to develop and utilise the innovation power of the region. By developing new and innovative workplaces, we help create the business of the future.

Practical learning and guidance
We believe strongly in network meetings, sharing experience and practical guidance. We bring in funding partners, industry partners, academic partners and key people for guidance, networking, feedback, lectures and workshops.

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Program fee
20,000 NOK pr. company 

Program content and dates

Updated continuously


Compilation 1: Ready, Set, Grow

October 2021

Learn to set goals to achieve your ambitions and what it takes to achieve them. The collection will prepare the company to perform in line with the expectations required. The days will consist of professional refills and workshops.

– Importance of growth
– What characterises a good investment case?
– Ambitions
– What does it take to perform?
– How to create culture to perform?


Collection 2: The Money Hunt

December 2021

Learn what is required of professional investors before making investments. The days will consist of professional refills and workshops.

– Capital raising strategies
– How to choose the right investor?
– What makes a company "bankable"?
– Shareholder expectations – and rights
– What opportunities exist for public funding


Collection 3: Growth, increase in value and management

February 2022

This collection will be learned on day one of the critical factors in place to create growth and value increase in your business, and everything you need to know about branding. Day two directs a pointed focus on the willingness to take leadership. In our time we have become accustomed to looking at leadership as a position, something you apply to and get with some luck. Then we'll do leadership small. Leadership is about wanting to do something, leaving something of value, but it's also about people wanting to follow you as a leader. Strong will helps little if you are unfollowable. So two big questions rung in leadership: Why do you want to be a leader? And why should anyone follow you? The days will consist of professional refills and workshops.
– Everything you need to know about brand in an hour
– Strategies for growth
Why do you want to be a leader?
Why should anyone follow you?
– Entrepreneurs' great advantages as managers


Collection 4: Internationalisation

April 2022

Learn how to prepare for expansion into new markets. The days will consist of professional refills and workshops.

– Choice of market
– Market access
– Global checklist
– Market introduction plan
– Do's and don'ts

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Compilation 5: Dissemination & Training Day

June 2022

Learn how to create a message that hits and create presentations that give you impact. The days will consist of professional refills and workshops.


Collection 7: Norinnova Investment Day

October 2022

Investors looking for investment objects get to face exciting case. Pitch and 1-1 meetings.