Our incubator, Startup Ix, is our golden ticket to start-ups. Here you get access to skilled advisers, valuable networks and the opportunity to have office space in an innovative environment.

Network and access to investors

Connecting with investors from an early stage is not only important, it can be crucial to the success of your startup. Investors bring not only capital to the table, but also valuable expertise, networks and resources that can accelerate your company. That’s why investor contact and meetings with investors are part of all our programs from the very beginning.


With experienced advisors, we provide you with valuable insight and strategic guidance. Norinnova has worked with innovation and commercialization of new technology for over 30 years. Together with our customers
we design a plan for success and sustainable growth.

Innovation workshop

Through our innovation workshops, we create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Our experienced facilitators guide your team through dynamic sessions that challenge thinking patterns and inspire new solutions.

Quality assurance and writing of applications

Navigating complex application processes can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our experienced business developers are ready to assist you with application writing, whether for public funding schemes, project applications or other relevant documents. Norinnova has a success rate of over 80% for granting applications.

Rent an office in an innovative community

We offer flexible solutions to suit your business needs, whether you need a temporary workspace or a long-term office. Work closely with the startup community in Tromsø and become part of a
innovative community.

Program for startups

Do you have a business idea or have you just started a new company, and are you looking for knowledge, networks or capital to grow? Then Norinnova is the place for you. We have developed programs for you who are very early stage or you who are ready to scale up your company.

Technology transfer

Norinnova is one of the country’s most competent and experienced expertise in the commercialization of research. Our team of skilled business developers will help you to evaluate the potential of your ideas, and to assist you in realizing ideas for products or services.

Norinnova partner

Do you want to be at the forefront of industry trends and technological developments? As a Norinnova partner, you get unique insight into what’s happening among startups and new technology from the R&D environment in the north. Together with our partners, we create world-class innovation!

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