Signed license agreement

A new class of peptides for cancer treatment developed at UiT-Norway’s Arctic University has now been licensed to the company Lytix Biopharma AS via Norinnova. 

The peptides were developed by inventors Johann Eksteen, John Sigurd Mjøen Svendsen and Øystein Rekdal. 

Participants from UiT-Norges Arktiske Universitet, Norinnova, Lytix, Norce, Oslo University Hospital and Gustave Roussy in Paris have participated in a verification project of the peptides partly funded by the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Cancer Society.

The license agreement gives Lytix an exclusive right to further develop and commercialize this new class of molecules and helps build Lytix’s platform and pipeline of new candidates. One of the peptides has shown particularly promising results for cancer treatment in veterinary medicine, and Lytix has already initiated a strategic collaboration with the company Aurelius Therapeutics to ensure progress with this molecule.    

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