About the technology

SMOLTR is a smolt-verification tool to be utilized in the smoltification process of salmon. Data indicates that this technology is superior to current commercially available options, this robust tool will ensure long-term salmonid growth and welfare in seawater. SMOLTR is based on a set of superior and precise markers that can predict seawater performance and can be used to synchronize the seawater readiness with seawater transfer. Thus, the animal welfare is superior with SMOLTR compared to state of the art.

Value proposition

  • Predicts smolt development state
  • Predicts long-term seawater survival and growth
  • Provides highly accurate results with regards to smolt seawater readiness with less bias and variation than state of the art
  • Animal welfare increased due to optimal timing of smolt transfer to seawater

Areas of application

  • Test before smolt is transferred to seawater
  • Tool to evaluate smoltification protocol optimizations within R&D for farmers
  • Could be offered by service and lab analytic providers serving the Aquaculture industry
  • Internal test by smolt producers

Resources and partners

  • Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, UiT
  • Proof of concept validated in lab scale
  • Patent pending

Opportunities for Collaboration

We are currently looking for industry partners who finds interest in our technology. We are open for working together on the development of SMOLTR to accommodate your needs.

Collaboration partners

Contact information

Foto: Marius Fiskum

Ingrid Beard country

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

Tel. 991 57 143

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