Sperm filtration for improved success rate of assisted reproduction technology

About the technology

With current automated or manual IVF methods focusing on motility, the chance of identifying a sperm for fertilization is high, but the likelihood of the selected sperm being the best is small. This means an inaccurate quality analysis that takes a toll on success rate and asks for multiple fertilization attempts.

Spermotile solves this issue by an ‘all-rounder’ sperm selection criterion that is morphologically healthy, motile and demonstrates desirable dynamic behavior, enabling that the sperms picked are of indeed high quality and highly likely to result into success in the first attempt. In turn, it translated to better throughput and leaner operating costs.

Value proposition

The spermotile is an end-to-end solution for selecting the best sperm automatically in terms of motility, morphology and behavior and performing the fertilization process with improved accuracy, efficiency, and success rate, while simultaneously providing a low-cost, ready to use, and low training option for the end user. Patent pending.

Opportunities for collaboration

  • Development and testing of Spermotile
  • Pilot-testing with customers
Illustrated comparison between Spermotile and current solutions' processing of filtering dead, non-progressive, and haphazard semen to isolate the best quality sperm. Current CASA solutions use phase contrast microscopy (PCM) to identify and analyze sperm, restricting analysis of advanced sperm motility.


Contact information

Foto: Marius Fiskum

Lars Sørensen

Business Developer | Tech Transfer

Tel. 942 45 511

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