Student companies in Student IX

Here you can see some of the companies originating from UiT that have been started by students. The common denominator for these is that they all received early-phase assistance from Norinnova.
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Akti is a platform for selling last-minute tickets for experiences to locals. We lower the carbon footprint and increase the company's earnings by maximizing capacity while giving the local population an extraordinary experience at a great price.



Keenious develops an algorithm that analyzes the text you write and finds research articles and other relevant sources that match exactly what you write.

Pazzing logo


PAZZING is a platform where mobile players work together to solve challenges and tasks within a given deadline. Using augmented reality (AR) and geolocation, the result is a kind of "digital treasure hunt".

medsensio logo


Noises in the lungs can indicate that something is wrong. Lung sounds can be difficult to detect and interpret using a standard stethoscope. Medsensio is developing a smart algorithm based on machine learning that automatically detects and interprets lung sounds.