Everything starts with your idea

Is your idea the “Next Big Thing”? Then you need a team of skilled professionals who can help transform your idea into reality.

There is a lot of hard work behind every successful idea. That's why we have launched Startup IX, a kit containing the resources and tools you need on the road toward the big breakthrough.

We give you the advice you need

Every idea is unique, and the path to success is different every time. We give you the advice you need based on what phase you are in and what you require to push ahead.

We help you in the money chase

External funding and access to other people's know-how is important for gaining the resources you need to grow. We’ll guide you through grant programs and how to attract the right investors.

We connect you to the best and brightest

In some areas, you may need expertise from the best. That's why we have hand-picked national and international competence communities to ensure that you are primed for growth.

We open doors

Getting in touch with the right people and professional networks at the right time is essential to success. As part of Startup IX, you are also part of our network.

We would like you to join us

At Startup IX, you become part of our co-working community. You get access to office space, meeting facilities, and we are always available to discuss opportunities and potential challenges.

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  • Have a chat with us over coffee

    Do you have an idea you strongly believe in? We would love to hear more about it over a cup of coffee. All correspondence will be treated confidentially.

Startup IX team

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Eirik Bjørklund

Vice President
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Hedda Crogh

Idea hunter


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