Companies in Startup IX

Here are the companies that are in Startup IX now. To learn more about any of the companies, contact Startup IX or the companies directly.


Keenious develops an algorithm analyzing the text you write, looking for research articles and other relevant sources that match exactly what you write.

Pazzing logo


PAZZING is a platform where mobile players work together to solve challenges and tasks within a given time limit. One uses augmented reality (AR) and geolocations, and the result becomes a kind of "digital treasure hunt".



Probotic is a spin-off from Narvik Maritime Service. They develop an autonomous, environmentally friendly solution in the field of washing farmed snow, which costs the industry an estimated ONE BILLION NOK each year. Probotic will make the production of Norwegian seafood more sustainable.

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Medsensio - Wikipedia

Noises in the lungs can give an indication that something is wrong. Lung sounds can be difficult to detect and interpret using regular stethoscopes. Medsensio develops a smart algorithm based on machine learning that automatically detects and interprets noises in the lungs.

Chip Nanoimaging

Chip NanoImaging

Using groundbreaking research from Tromsø, Chip NanoImaging develops a photonic chip-based micropscopy solution with super-resolution (nanoscopy). The technology makes it possible to see details that are not possible using common optical microscopes.


Recogni - 10:00

Using big data and optimization, Recogni helps the crew of ships operate as efficiently as possible and reduce fuel consumption. Using data sources such as ocean currents, wave height, engine use and ballast, Recogni provides a reliable tool for making decisions.


Eupnea - Wikipedia

The vision of Eupnea is to reduce resource use, improve how today's medicine investigates, diagnoses and monitors patients. They develop a sensor for measuring respiratory frequency, one of the key parameters one measures on an equal footing with blood pressure, temperature and heart rate.


Unifractal - Wikipedia

Using a combination of machine learning and augmented reality (AR), Unifractal develops a tool that recognizes technical equipment using the camera on your smartphone. The Unifractal platform is particularly useful when training new personnel and using technical equipment, such as medical-technical.


Sonomatrix -

Sonomatrix is developing a new technology for use in ultrasonic systems. The company is a start-up originating from research environments at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.


Ventyr is a platform where locals can buy sisteliten tickets for adventures. Ventyr helps to lower the carbon footprint and increase the earnings of tourism companies by utilizing the capacity to the maximum, while at the same time giving the local population access to extraordinary experiences at a pleasant price.

Computer people

The aquaculture industry has many challenges related to, for example, feeding, lice, disease and biomass. Data from fish behaviour can provide great knowledge about forming the basis for optimizing several joints in the breeder's value chain. This is the area where Computer People using artificial intelligence develop solutions.



Toll stations as we know them are not future-oriented and suitable for implementing dynamic road pricing. Roadpay is developing a solution that facilitates the use of technology that relies on geopoints and modern communication technology to convey information about the car's movements that form the basis for pricing.

The Health Book

Helseboka is a brand new app developed by Norwegian doctors, which makes it easier for you to take control of your own health, and best of all – the app collects everything you need in one place! The company specializes in the use of artificial intelligence against the medical field. Aims to make everyday life easier for both patients and healthcare professionals.


CTD AS increases the expertise and quality of healthcare services through the use of advanced technology and Virtual Reality (VR). The company develops and designs customized digital tools that simplify, streamline and increase the productivity of today's training.


Lifeness is a cloud-based medical platform that makes it easier to give people with obesity and lifestyle diseases closer follow-up. Lifeness has been developed by executive health professionals in Norwegian treatment life with the goal of simplifying follow-up of people with obesity – with motivation as the main success factor. Result: 5 times better treatment result!