FiRsT – Optical microscope calibration targets

About the technology New and advanced label-free and super resolution microscopes and nanoscopes have emerged, and their characterization is becoming more demanding. Instead of the conventional commercial resolution targets, researchers and microscopists must often make custom resolution targets in their own lab, which work on only a small subset of microscopes. We present Fiber Resolution […]


– Bringing nanofluidic technology to the people About the technology The Nanospacer is a specially designed microscope coverslip that allows nanoscale particle characterization. Nanofluidic technology, including analysis of proteins and binding events on a single-molecule level, will open doors to the next generation of nanomedicines, nanoparticles and nanomachinery. Resources Research Council Norway commercialization grant Patent […]

Novel platform for live-imaging of cells in action

CYMOPLIVE – Cyto-Motility and Cyto-Plasticity in Vitro Live-Cell Assay About the technology Cymoplive is a platform that allows us to study cells in action and how they smartly tackle obstacles in our body. Cell movement or motility governs how cells migrate, invade, repair injuries, and develop tissues and organs. These processes are critical for a […]

Single-objective light-sheet imaging system (SOLIS)

Instant volume microscopy The SOLIS Microscope A new type of fluorescence microscope that combines the best aspects of confocal with light-sheet microscopy. SOLIS efficiently removes parasitic light from out-of-focus planes that would bleed through between adjacent focal planes and degrade image contrast. SOLIS is posed to fill this technology gap between methods that offer the […]

Microstructured Air-Suspended Thin-film (MAST) waveguide sensor

Superior gas monitoring and measurement Industry challenges Traditional gas sensing with absorption spectroscopy uses large multi-pass cells containing a sample gas, through which a light beam is reflected several times. These are bulky and require large volumes of the sample gas. Therefore, current technology is not compatible with use in small spaces or remote applications, […]

Tau-on-Chip: nanofluidic amyloid aggregation within seconds

About the technology On-demand production of protein aggregates: We produce oligomers and fibrils within seconds in a nanofluidic environment. This has potential for high throughput screening of drug candidates, automated in-vitro assays, and binding assays with single molecule sensitivity. Areas of application We envisage producing the nanofluidic Tau-on- Chip devices for use in drug development, […]