Motivating continous Sharing of Physical activity using non-Intrusive Data Extraction methods Retro- and prospectively About the technology Data collection of physical data from study participants is time consuming and expensive. State of the art is moving towards the use of data from consumer-based equipment. However, since there are many vendors with separate method for extracting […]

Thyroid Assist

– A novel decision support aid tool (DST) for optimal levothyroxine dosage after thyroidectomy About the technology Levothyroxine is a necessary synthetic hormone after removal of the thyroid gland, or in patients with an underactive thyroid gland. The optimal dosage varies between individuals, making several rounds of dose adjustments required. Due to long half-life of […]

SPICE: Sea sPray ICE prediction model

A tool that predicts ice amount and distribution on marine structures About the technology Due to climate changes the Arctic marine territories are opening up for new and widespread industry activities such as aquaculture, new shipping pathways, offshore wind-energy harness and so on. However, icing of marine structures is a big challenge affecting operations. SPICE […]

MUSICAL – Multiple Signal Classification Algorithms

– Multi-option distributed computing solutions for super-resolution imaging The MUSICAL technology MUSICAL is an imaging software that makes super-resolution optical microscopy available to specialized labs and clinics as a high-end premium GPU or embedded solution, or to laymans with their own personal microscopy data through a budget-conscious cloud solution. The technology can be applied to […]

Novel and easy to use Deep Learning Input Function in dynamic PET scanning

– Deep Learning derived Input Function in dynamic PET About the technology With DLIF we present a non-invasive, automatically generated input-function for kinetic modeling in dynamic PET. Our deep learning models are trained end-to-end with dynamic PET images as input and ready-to-use input function as output. The model show very strong correlation and non-significant difference […]