About the technology

On-demand production of protein aggregates: We produce oligomers and fibrils within seconds in a nanofluidic environment. This has potential for high throughput screening of drug candidates, automated in-vitro assays, and binding assays with single molecule sensitivity.

Areas of application

We envisage producing the nanofluidic Tau-on- Chip devices for use in drug development, clinical trials, research, and protein production.

Value proposition

  • Single molecule sensitivity.
  • For use in drug development, clinical trials, research, and protein production.
  • Patent pending.
Bilde microfluidic
Image: Microfluidic chips fabricated on glass slides.
Image: Induced fibrillation and oligomerization events in seconds.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We are looking for industry partners for collaboration and licensing. We are open to working together on the development of our Tau-on-Chip technology to accommodate your needs.

Resources and partners

The inventors:

Oliver Vanderpoorten

  • MSCA Fellow, Tromsø (NOR), EPSRC PhD in BioEng, Cambridge (UK), Background: electrical engineering, nanotechnology

Kevin Baumann

  • SNSF Swiss Postdoctoral Fellow, Basel (CH), PhD in Chemistry, Cambridge (UK), Background: biophysics, medical engineering

Contact information

Foto: Marius Fiskum

Ellen low price

Business developer

Tel. 974 79 260

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