It starts with your idea

Do you have a cracking business idea or invention and want to compete with the best?

Right now, you can benefit from our expertise and extensive network of professionals, investors and helpers. You’ll have access to modern office space with meeting room facilities. We want to hear about your idea, big or small – now it costs you nothing. Everything you share with us remains confidential.

Take the first step and tell us your idea!

We give you the advice you need

Every idea is unique, and the path to success is different every time. We give you the advice you need based on what phase you are in and what you need to move forward.

We help you in your money hunt

External funding and access to the know-how of others is important to gain the muscle to grow. That’s why we guide you through grant schemes and how to hunt for investors.

We connect you to the best

In some areas, you’ll need the expertise of the best. That’s why we have handpicked national and international competence environments that can ensure that you are equipped for growth.

We open doors

Getting in touch with the right people and professional environments at the right time is essential for success. As part of Startup IX, you also become part of our network.

We want you with us

At Startup IX, you’ll be part of our work community. You get an office space, access to meeting rooms and always a door to knock on to discuss the way forward.