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– MicroRNAs for risk assessment and treatment of venous thromboembolism

The challenge

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a highly prevalent disease, affecting around 1.1 million individuals in Europe each year, with 540,000 associated deaths. No modifiable risk-factors have been identified yet. The current anti-coagulant treatment is associated with serious bleeding risks. We therefore need to find a drug that prevents VTE without serious side affects.

Our approach

  •  Specific microRNAs associated with a higher risk of VTE were found
  • Targeted intervention of these microRNAs has the potential to effectively prevent VTE
  • Treatment of VTE with microRNA therapeutic without bleeding risk

Opportunities for Collaboration​

  • Searching for a collaborative R&D deal with industrial partner
  • Looking for a pharmaceutical partner with the expertise, commitment and financial strength to take it through the clinical phase and into the market.


  • Population study

A pilot and a validation study show that specific miRNAs can be potential predictors of VTE and the risk of VTE is highly associated with miRNA level.

  • In-vivo mouse model for venous thrombosis

The addition of a specific miRNA show reduction in thrombose size in a in-vivo mouse model

  • Patent application for the technology is filed
Figure: VTE is a serious and common disease, 40% of cases accors spontanously with unknown cause.

Collaboration partners

Universitetet i Tromsø
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Contact information

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